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Our Mission

We believe in the fantastic potential within each of us to reach for the extraordinary and we have devoted our lives on helping people release their potential, their inner superhero, their greatness so they can live their most extraordinary lives.


Through training and coaching, we help people move from average to extraordinary, from good to great and from living a chaotic life to living an inspired life full of joy and passion.


Extraordinary is not a destination, it’s a journey, a transformation, a rebirth and extraordinary requires us to sacrifice. 


It requires us to be humble. Only by embracing our humanity and our vulnerability can we transcend  who we are and what we have become.

Salma Muhammed


I believe the most powerful growth happens 

when we’re backed into a corner, and 

it’s my job to help you get there

I am a mixed-race child who was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates. Growing up in a multi-cultural city, I was never sure where I belonged in. I was continuously questioning my identity as well as the standards of our culture and society.


What exactly am I? What Is Culturally Appropriate?

What Is Socially Unacceptable? And why is that?

Fast forward a few years, and I found myself surviving rather than experiencing life according to society’s norms. I used to ask my coworkers how they could remain in the same position for 25 years, and it frightened the crap out of me since they all seemed unhappy.

This was the turning point in my life, i discovered the solution to the boiling within bubbles inside me.And it was at this point that I spoke up, before I was silenced by an authoritarian culture/society that I formerly supported. After discovering that coaching was my calling, I established my own company and converted my love into a part-time job.

I met many intelligent ladies along the road, but I also learnt about many mental and physical concerns. I assist women in discovering who they are and where they belong in life at this point in order to reclaim their power, love themselves first, and go ahead with clear self awareness in order to construct stable lives.

I firmly think that I am a human connector, transforming strangers into friends, comfort zones into adventures, information exchange to empower, and passion to engage. By the time I had figured myself out, I had to go since the location was no longer serving me the way it used to. I needed to mature and move on, which meant leaving everything behind.

I began a new full-time career teaching corporate professionals on how to leave the 9-5 rat race, establish, launch, and grow a coaching business, how to stand out in the market place, and how to regularly obtain customers.


Habil Mohamed


My story will shock you, 

your story will transform you to find your purpose,

and rebirth will make you become unbreakable human being

I wasn’t the kindest person and was usually complaining about anything. I was never proactive, instead blaming others for my problems. I became depressed as a result of my fear of failure and rejection.

I am a mixed-race child who was born in Tanzania and raised in Dubai. Growing up as a masculine child alone with a single mother it was difficult to communicate with my mother or voice myself out.

I was always criticized for not living like other regular kids because I questioned my identity and did things outside of my culture, tradition, and of course society. I’ve always wanted to learn and understand how this world works, but I was always advised not to question anything and just follow.

Here’s how I looked at the time..

I was trapped in unhealthy relationships that I was too afraid to escape. My body overstressed me to the point that I nearly died from cancer in 2015. After my surgery, everyday I was worried about whether I would be able to retain my work. I was determined to end my life in 2018 by overdosing. I lacked the courage to talk to people and meet new ones. The gym was my escape haven to numb my pain. Now you see, it wasn’t me; it was a reflection of who I believed I was.

This is what I did, Enough was enough!

I launched a side business and sought information on nutrition and fitness. I trained my body on a regular basis to become an athlete, moved out of my mother’s apartment and into a dope ass apartment. I am completely committed to self-mastery,I love and care for myself more than ever before, I am confident in who I am today, and I have founded a transformation academy.

Now, that was me before Rebirth Evolution…

Now I am walking over the line of victory towards my greatness, confident in my ability to take over the world, and I am not coming as a lone wolf, but with a pack of wolves eager to shake the world and change it for the better.

I got rid of all my excuses for not having the life I wanted and reinvented myself.

Do you identify yourself as a wolf or a sheep?

Faith Is Taking The First Step Even When You Don't See The Whole Staircase

Martin Luther King 

we are leaders
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